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Vegan community

Vegan society The Vegan Society's homepage
Cruelty free community CrueltyFree.com is an online community of compassionate, animal loving, people.
Vegan Village The vegan village is filled with all things vegan. If you are looking for a company that sells shoes or for that elusive recipe this is the place to visit.
VeggieRomance.com We all need some loving and this site describes itself as "A dating site for vegans & vegetarians, with 1000s of profiles, a lively forum, blogs and more."

Campaigning groups

Europeans for Medical Progress Europeans for Medical Progress is an independent, non-profit-making organisation of scientists and medical professionals. Their goal is to protect human health by promoting human-specific medical research.

They seem to be very skeptical about the practice of animal testing and are campaigning to get the government to perform proper scientific tests to finally reveal how outdated and potentially deadly animal testing is for human health.
The Dr Hadwen Trust The Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK's leading medical research charity funding exclusively non-animal research techniques to replace animal experiments, benefiting people and animals.

Personally I have been a big fan of this oraganization and have been inspired by the amazing work they have achieved.

Ethical consumer products

Earthpure Suppliers of soaps, essential oils, massage oils and other cosmetics. I use these products myself and highly recommend them to anyone looking for that special gift or just a bit of personal pampering. Earthpure products are made with a passion. Giving radiance and sensuality without cruelty to animals and our environment.
Ecological hosting

Ethically run, friendly, vegetarian owned, reliable and responsible Internet hosting company. All offices and computer equipment powered by electricity supplied from renewable sources.

Hipo hyfryd uses this as the home of our web site. On a proffesional side they are extremely helpful and fast. On a personal side they are very freindly and enjoyable to chat with.


eto offer feasibility, building design for both new build and existing buildings and consultancy services. We bring an approach to building design deeply rooted in reducing energy consumption energy, and promoting ecological design

We used this environment architect to bring greater energy efficiency to our premises

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