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the happy hippo : the voluptuous vole : the ravenous rabbit

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For four years one of our chefs has been experimenting with many different foods and although his love of chocolate and deserts is great he has also come up with a wide variety of main courses and starters. These recipes have been placed into two books "the happy hippo" and "the voluptuous vole". A number of these recipes have been made in the restaurant at the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Each book contains over 50 vegan recipes. Most of the recipes are recognisable but there is a splattering of recipes, for example bombay panir or hijiki stuffed mushrooms that are wonderfully foreign to help you or your customers explore the joys of other cultures.

I hope you enjoy the recipes in the books or on this web site. If you have any questions about them or would like some advice then please feel free to contact me.

gareth blake

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