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Please feel free to contact us in the following ways or you can use the form below.

e-mail: info@hipohyfryd.co.uk
address: hipo hyfryd,
31 arthur street,
cf24 1qr

This will be a list of recent or regularly asked questions:

Why are your delivery times so slow?

Outside of Christmas I tend to only make chocolates once or twice a year. The reasons for this is because my tempering machines can only melt a minimum of 2KG of chocolate, which is a lot. So if I have not got an order from my trade customers I will wait untill a build of smaller orders arrive before I make another batch.

Why is only some of your website translated into Welsh?

Sadly I do not speak welsh well enough to translate my words at the moment. So any welsh you see on the site has been kindly done by friends of lovers of the language. If you desire to translate anything I would happily incorporate it into the site.

I was wondering if you allow anyone to buy directly from you as I live a few mins walking distance from you?

Yes, but as we do not always have a full stock of everything or are not always open to the public you must email me your order and a preferred pick up time and date (note: we will try and be there when you want but we may need to suggest a more appropriate time that would be suitable for both of us).

Do you offer a gift wrap service?

Thank you for your interest in our chocolates. As our company has a very strict environmental policy we keep our paper usage to an absolute minimum. But that being said my friends and I have wombling tendencies and have collected a nice selection of gorgeous wrapping paper that was destined for a landfill. So if you want to have your things wrapped tell me and I may be able to do it for you.

Aren't your chocolates to expensive?

Let's be honest if you want cheap chocolate with their resulting mass produced cheap flavours then you are looking in the wrong place. I do believe very strongly though that our chocolates price is low for what you get. We make rich flavoured chocolates using high quality, and often organic, ingredients that I have spent years sourcing and experementing with. They are hand made and wrapped in predominetly eco-friendly packaging. Nothing about about these treats are cheap.

That being said though the chocolates are best eaten slowly and savoured, especially our white chocolate bars. Small bites that are left to melt in the mouth will release all the flavours that have been worked into each treat. Best to remember that the aftertaste to good chocolate can be just as wonderful as the initial bite into them.