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I am excited to finally be able to make my newest chocolate treat for you, the white cacao truffle. Using the soft subtle flavours of cacao butter and the exquisite taste of vanilla extract I have made a truffle that reminds me of white chocolate but without the excessive sweetness that made me a nightmarish hyper child. The truffle itself has a high cacao content (46%), partly due to the dark organic chocolate coating the truffle but also because of the large amount of cacao butter that forms the inner ganache.

This box contains 4 truffles, weighs a total of 50g and costs £3.95.

white cacao truffles
The sumptuous taste of white chocolate without the excessive sweetness.
**show ingredients**     Ingredients:-
Chocolate* (sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*, vanilla powder*, emulsifier – soya lecithin*), cacao butter, agave nectar, wheat syrup* (gluten free) and vanilla extract.
*organic ingredient

The truffles may contain trace elements of milk and nuts. For more information on this please go HERE

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