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Our main love is the sensual and soft world of the chocolate truffle (not to be confused with the things pigs hunt for). Before I start to ramble on about what a truffle is and its history I will give a brief introduction to what we have to offer.

dark chocolate truffle

This is our first and most popular range of chocolate treats. To make them we use two varieties of organic Belgium chocolate (55% and 72% cacao content). The 72% chocolate is mixed with a few other natural ingredients to create a smooth and creamy truffle. This is then encased in the 55% chocolate to give the final treat a crunchy chocolate coating.

We currently have 13 flavours:

maple syrup
rose petal
chilli pepper
cinnamon spiced
salt and pepper
balsamic vinegar*

This range is available in single flavour boxes with either 16 or 4 truffles per box or you can get a selection of four different truffles in our multi flavour boxes.

* these flavours can only be bought in the multi flavour boxes

whitish chocolate truffles

I love white chocolate but I am not so much a fan of overly sweet flavours. With this in mind we set out to develop a series of truffles that contain the glorious flavours of cacao butter as their main star.

white chocolate truffle picture - gourmet white vegan chocolate for gifts

Our plain white cacao truffle has, to date, been one of our most difficult recipes to create. Thankfully, the feedback we have been receiving for it has been overwhelmingly positive.

white truffle box

We are currently working on a variety of truffles based on this recipe including our Middle Eastern one that combines the flavours of pistachio and almond with our western love of white chocolate.