chocolate truffle box

We at hipo hyfryd have a great passion for creating indulgent chocolate treats. Our real chocolate truffles are made using a bitter free and organic Belgium chocolate. They are available in many flavours including the more well known flavours of maple syrup or coffee to the excitable flavours of chilli or salt and pepper.

As well as our darker truffles we have a range of light, creamy, dairy free white chocolate truffles. We've been playing with this recipe alot and have created our newest treats in the form of a white truffle bar. Well the coconut one is white but there is so much pistachio in the other one that it is a gourgoues earthy geen colour.

We also have a range of flavoured drinking chocolate.

We are always working on new recipes, so if there is something we do not sell but you desire, please feel free to tell us.

Each box contains four different flavours. We have a sweet n tasty "mixed box" and our savoury n strange "odd box" (wait till you taste the balsamic vinegar one). £12.95 each
Rich flavoured bars of white truffle, one of them is inspired by my childhood love of coconut and the other my adult love pistachio n rose petal ice-cream. £3.50 each.
The sumptuous flavours of white chocolate without the overpowering sweetness. A labour of love that was one of the hardest but most pleasing recipe to make. Available in boxes of 4 at £3.95 each.
About 20 cups of proper drinking chocolate can be made from the organic chocolate blend within this box, £6.50 each.